The Light Bulb Effect

#1 The Daydreamer 

I’ve always been a daydreamer. Since as long as I can remember I have let my imagination run wild! I recently traveled to Milan for a surprise birthday present from my wife, as beautiful as it was the highlight for me was sitting on my bag on the floor (all the seats had been taken) it was then that I started daydreaming…

We all have that moment after a holiday when we desperately come up with ways to  sustain you and your family so you can live a life in the sun. you know the feeling! I had that feeling! And instead of my normal irrational thoughts of living off the land and never going back to society ! This time a different proccess entered my head. The more I thought about it the more it seems possible! Every time I tried to pick faults or holes in my plan the more I reinforced my idea. It grew stronger and adapted to every problem I threw at it. This is what excited me the most!

Sometimes an idea can come and go. What I mean by this is you can have an idea that sounds groundbreaking but after a few days and a little bit of research you realise it’s not that great and it fizzles out. I have had A LOT of those ideas! This time I feel it’s the reverse, the idea started out doomed to fail and the more I put behind it and the more thought that goes into it the better and brighter the idea feels.

Now as a blacksmith strengthens and shapes his armour  I feel my idea is ready to be shared and tested hoping all the arrows will bounce off and my idea will remain intact

Hopefuly I’ll be sharing my Idea in my next post!


Jay ✌️️